Posted on: August 29, 2009 12:38 pm

Mick’s I-Like-‘em Fantasy Leagues and Contests

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Mick’s I-Like-‘em Fantasy Leagues and Contests

Blog 1, 8/29/09

I’d like to both offer and receive fantasy football advice in this blog.  The purpose of this first entry is to present a recommended list of free sites in which I play where you create actual fantasy teams and use their scores to determine head-to-head or general contest winners.

This doesn’t mean this list represents the best sites, just the one’s I like.  Anyone with other recommendations is invited to comment.

No one knows it all, which is why I’d appreciate any constructive criticism to my comments.  I don’t have 100% winning fantasy teams, but I’d like to offer some credentials:

Anyone whose followed my comments over the years knows I do my research and tend to be a number cruncher (more on the sites I like for that my next blog article!)

My Ravenskins have won three straight division championships at NFL.com, played in three straight league finals, and won last year’s championship.  The team averaged 102 pts/game (standard rules with starting QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, and DST) despite losing 1<sup>st</sup> round draft choice Tom Brady in week 1!

My Poes have been one of the weekly high-score prizewinners at NFL.com’s Home Team Challenge and finished near the top (as high as 7<sup>th</sup> out or 4000+) among Ravens’ fans the past three years in a row.

And I’ve been a finalist in the NBC $100,000 Fantasy Challenge both years it’s been run (as of 8/29/09 I haven’t seen it offered again – apparently it’s been discontinued.

The free leagues/contests in which I play, which I highly recommend to anyone, are:

1. NFL.com Fantasy Football:

    www.nfl.com/fantasy or http://www.nfl.com/fantasy/free

    Rules: http://football.nfl.com/splash/foot

This is the CBS-run NFL’s official fantasy website where you can sign up for head-to-head free leagues or pay leagues.

Grand Prize: an $11,000 Super Bowl XLIV (Miami) vacation for two.

Similar leagues are also at:


2. Home Team Challenge:


   Rules: http://football.nfl.com/splash/foot

This is another official NFL fantasy game (not head-to-head), but it’s not very well publicized and that gives you a better chance of winning prizes. You select eight new players every week and their point totals win potential prizes.  I won an autographed baseball-type team hat from the Ravens for having the highest score (out of about 4000 players) in week 2 of 2007.

Grand Prize: a $5000 Pro Bowl (Florida) vacation for two.

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3. Rapiddraft:


    Rules:   http://rapiddraft.usatoday.com/nfl/

This new (at least to me) USA Today and 3 other sites-sponsored contest is a head-to-head league against computer “pros” for 11 weeks – each pro’s tendencies being managed by a real “expert” (listed in the rules), then it goes into a top-total-points playoff in weeks 12-16 for a very large number of prizes, number #1 being $250,000!

You are offered one free entry (at the link listed) for which you’re qualified to win “hundreds of prizes” and then can pay if you want more entries. 

Grand Prize: $250,000

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4. NBC $100,000 Fantasy Challenge (Discontinued?):


    Rules:   http://100k.nbcsports.com/rules.asp
(2008 version as I write this)

The above links, at about mid-August, began redirecting to a regular msnbc sports page.

If a 2009 version of this great game goes up these links should work for them.

This is a game that promotes NBC’s Sunday Nite Football in which you pick a new fantasy team (no head-to-head) each week but can only play any particular player once in the first 12 weeks and once in the final 5 weeks.

I’ve qualified for the finals each of the two years they’ve run it and, if they run this contest again, will try to post some strategy and information on how to choose the starters each week.

  Grand Prize: $100,000

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Recommended if you’re limited in time you can spend:

NFL.com mini-games


I won’t be commenting in this blog about them, but there are a few games some may like because they don’t require anywhere near as much time as managing a full fantasy team. They are available from NFL.com, you pick a few players each week, and they offer prizes like trips for 2 to the Super Bowl where.  I’ve played them or similar offerings in the past.  They are:

TD Challenge, Playbook Challenge, and NFL Rush Challenge.  Links to their details are on the right side of the link above.

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Best of Fantasy Luck!

The Mick

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